Printable thin wood veneers

Nissiwood thin printable wood veneers are exclusively fashioned out of wood and has an unending possibilities of use totally different from the traditional uses of wood veneer. Among the many substrates used in the printing industry, printable thin wood veneers have conquered the minds of the elite. The main area of usage for Nissiwood printable thin wood veneers are for printing purposes to produce a unique and classy product different from paper and other printing surfaces.

Uses are unending from printable thin wood veneer. The technology developed enables us to to produce different micro thin products as thin as single ply 0.2 mm / 0.008” thick sheets to three ply micro thin plywood sheets of 0.8 mm / 0.03” thickness
  Material options

» Microthin plywood

» Paperback veneer

» Veneer sticker

» Engraving Sheets
Printing options

» Laser engraving

» Laser cutting

» Screen printing

» Flat bed printing

Specialty - Wood is natural and rotary peeled to process, every sheet differs in design. Log to log difference in texture and color also can be there. Thus every card differs to each other. This adds to the aesthetics of the product

Some wood species when exposed to extreme low humidity, like in an air-con room, could warp a bit. Hence may be kept wrapped in a cover when not in use.


Manufactured in Nissiwood facilities under strict and stringent professional supervision with great emphasis on quality. 20 species wood are specially selected with utmost care for micro thin processing and later being processed into four different types of printable thin wood veneers like three ply micro thin plywood, paper back veneer, veneer sticker, engraving sheets etc.

A certain percentage of the income generated from the sales of Printable thin wood veneer products are earmarked for the generation of forest wealth through our own programmes
We Use Plantation Orgin Species Only
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