Microthin wooden veneer sticker

Wood veneer sticker is an extremely thin product. With the qualities of smooth surface, flexibility and printability, Wooden veneer sticker is intended for use in specialized application areas. Wood veneer sticker with its print peel and stick qualities can be used practically on any surface to give a different and unique look to various products like wine bottles labels, jewel boxes coverings etc

A wooden veneer sticker as thin as paper
Wooden veneer sticker sheets are thickness of 0.20mm after peel. Wooden veneer sticker is having a silicon coated butter paper to be peeled off. Adhesive back sticker is 1 ply reinforced such that it does not crack or break while folding. Adhesive back veneer sticker behaves like paper
Workmanship on wooden veneer sticker - micro thin wood veneer sheets can be cut, paper punched, laser cut etc. The surface smoothnes is ideal for printing. Adhesive back veneer stickers are made from many species of wood. Prime quality logs are selected for the micro Adhesive back veneer sticker.

Types of printing on wooden veneer stickers

• Screen printing for single colors
• Digital printing for multicolor
• Engraving and cutting by laser

Normal sizes available are
8.3L x 11.7"
8.5L x 11" A3
11.7 x 16.5"L
11 x 17"L A2
16.5L x 23.4"

Prices of A4 wood sticker sheets, (Click on images to know more) Minimum orders apply

Ceiba - Micro thin Flexible Plywood Maharukh  - Micro thin Flexible Plywood Pine  - Micro thin Flexible Plywood
Cherry Ceiba Maharukh Kiri Indian Birch Yellow pine
US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96
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Figured Maple
Hard Maple
Silky Oak
White Birch
US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96 US$ 0.96
Red Cedar Paperback veneer Mahogany - Micro thin Flexible Plywood

Kpla - Micro thin Flexible Plywood

Birds eye Maple
Red Cedar
US$ 1.44 US$ 1.44 US$ 1.44 US$ 1.44 US$ 1.92  
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We Use Plantation Orgin Species Only
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